Can Natalie help Collins come out of his shell on Married At First Sight Australia 2024?

The experienced versus unexperienced.
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Natalie, a 32-year-old physiotherapist from Melbourne has been matched with 28-year-old executive assistant, Collins in Married At First Sight Australia 2024.

While Natalie has experience with romantic relationships, having been in one for seven years her new ‘husband’ has never made it past the first date.

Natalie has been in a seven year-relationship.

(Image: Nine)

The relationship experts are hoping Natalie’s patient and open nature can help guide Collins throughout the MAFS experiment and find love.

Poor Collins was anxiously waiting for his ‘bride’ at the end of the alter after Natalie rolled her ankle just moments before walking down the aisle. Upon arrival, they quickly bond over their passion for Essendon football club.

But the relationship turns awry as Collins becomes overwhelmed by the intense energy of his wife. As the episode continues, the MAFS producers and expert John Aiken pointed out Collins natural ability to avoid a question.

Natalie and Collins have been paired.

(Image: Nine)

Producer: “First night with your wife, are you going to share the bed?”

To which Collins responded: “Are we having one bed? Where are we going? Are we going to a…”

After some pushing from the producer and some awkward silence, Collins eventually answered: “Look we all get caught up in the moment, human beings… I just got married, what a day, what a day.”

Despite Collins fear, the pair seem to have a lot in common which is a tick off Natalie’s list.

Collins is feeling overwhelmed.

(Image: Nine)

“I want someone quite similar to me, who is funny, kind, they can put the positive out into the room and just be happy to be there – I find this very attractive,” she said.

Following the wedding reception, Collins felt “out of [his] comfort zone and made the decision to sleep in a separate bed. The next morning, Collins assured his new wife that while he was in the experiment “whole heartedly,” he wanted to take the relationship slow.

Natalie, acting composed in front of the cameras, went to her room to cry while pack for her honeymoon.

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